Artist takes to the Alta Mesa Campus
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Thursday, October 02, 2014
Talk about Campus Beautification!



Earlier this year, Tony Moebes, the Alta Mesa School Principal, invited local artist Esther Mapes to paint a mural on the building adjacent to the playground, and she has created a masterpiece!

She combined the natural beauty of the mountainous northern California landscape with animals native to the area (including an eagle, the mascot for the school), and then brought in key character traits that the school continually reinforces with its students: fairness, citizenship, respect, responsibility, caring, and trust.

Working through the summer on cool, early mornings, the mountains, trees, and sky started to take shape. 

Then, as the summer heated up, the animals came to live on the giant canvas. At the end, Esther introduced the character traits which are now used daily to reinforce appropriate behaviors while students are on the playground. 
Esther has lived in Redding nearly her entire life, graduating from Enterprise High School in 2001. She received her formal art training at Southern Oregon University and began her painting career by painting the Mount Lassen skyline in a child’s room a few years ago. Since that time, she has been commissioned to do many pieces, and some of her paintings have been sold internationally. The mural at Alta Mesa is not her first mural, but, at 12 feet by 54 feet, it is the largest piece she has painted. 


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