Digital Citizenship Week: Oct 15-19
Laura Morlan

October 15-19 is Digital Citizenship Week! Throughout the week we will focus on the importance of being safe and responsible when using technology.

We will discuss key information about keeping information secure, being respectful while using technology, and how to safely search the internet. We will also provide parent resources to help parents keep kids safe in the age of information! 

The goal of Digital Citizenship Week is to increase awareness on the importance of protecting our kids. All students in 4th-8th grade will be taught specific lessons on digital citizenship this week, but all students and parents will benefit from exploring this critical topic.

Check out these links to get started!

Please visit our Digital Citizenship webpage anytime for more information. 

Fire Safety Assembly
Darin Pust

Kindergarten through 3rd grade Fire Safety Assembly.

On Monday, October 9th, our Kindergarten through 3rd grade students enjoyed a Fire Safety Assembly. Students had fun interacting with Smokey the Bear and Sparky the Dog. Firefighters taught our students many important fire safety tips, and every student left with a coloring book.