About Us

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to developing within each student a love for learning, personal responsibility, the desire to embrace and overcome challenges and the skills to master state standards.

About The School

Alta Mesa Elementary School, a recipient of the Title I High Achievement Award, serves children in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The school buildings are maintained in a safe, orderly, and attractive fashion. The campus is covered with a variety of trees and beautiful flowers. Our multi-purpose room and gym are in near-constant use, seven days a week. Our spacious library contains a computer lab and staff work room. The playground features a number of new and modern climbing apparatus.

The Alta Mesa instructional program is focused on students meeting or exceeding state standards in all subject areas including Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, and Fine Arts.

We strive to provide a learning environment where:

• The uniqueness of each individual child is recognized.

• Children are helped to acquire competencies that will develop skills of critical and creative thinking, independent judgment, and self-confidence.

• Children are encouraged to reach their maximum potential through the use of strategies and materials that are responsive to individual needs.

• The need is recognized for individual assessment of children's skills and abilities to provide for their strengths, interests, and differing learning styles.

• Learning situations are offered that meet the needs of children with differing learning rates and/or whose primary language is other than English.

• The development of strong feelings of self-esteem is encouraged.

Core Beliefs

• All students belong to all of us.

• Alta Mesa staff will work as a unified team to ensure success for students, parents, and fellow staff members.

• Kindness, honesty, and respect underscore our words and actions.

Beliefs About Learning

• All students can and will learn.

• We recognize the different rates and learning styles of individuals.

• Success is a motivator and will be recognized and praised.

• Learning needs to be meaningful and relevant.



Intervention, or special help, is provided to meet specific student needs. Reading programs include Read 180, Read Naturally, and a variety of State and District approve supplemental programs. Help for primary students includes Systematic Instruction in Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Spelling (SIPPS), Read Naturally, Picture Phonics, Marty's Family Reader, and numerous software programs. Students with social and emotional needs may receive counseling through our Assist grant or our partnership with Remi Vista Youth and Family Services.

Extended Services

Alta Mesa boasts a full inclusion pre-school offering morning and afternoon classes. Our thriving ACE program provides students after-school care, homework assistance, tutoring, and a variety of fun activities.

Family Connections

In addition to serving on Site Council or participating in our Booster Club, parents at Alta Mesa are actively involved in all facets of the school.